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There are dozens of Fitbit badges to unlock. Infact, 139 to be precise. Here they all are.

NYC 3.1 Miles
You are one urban athlete! You just stepped your way through the Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K in NYC!
Criteria: Adventure
Earned: 271x by 159 users

NYC 10 Miles
You took a bite out of the Big Apple and stepped through the last 10 miles of the TCS New York City Marathon!
Criteria: Adventure
Earned: 105x by 76 users

NYC 26.2 Miles
From start to finish of the TCS New York City Marathon — you just put your steps to the test on one of the world’s premier race courses!
Criteria: Adventure
Earned: 125x by 72 users

Vernal Falls
You made it through the mist, over bridges and beyond the hillside to complete this tough trek.
Criteria: Adventure
Earned: 286x by 165 users

Valley Loop
You showed some serious motivation by navigating your way between Yosemite’s great mountains.
Criteria: Adventure
Earned: 163x by 110 users

Pohono Trail
You proved yourself to be an unstoppable adventurer by passing through this one-of-a-kind path.
Criteria: Adventure
Earned: 166x by 96 users

You’re getting FitForGood and using your steps to make a difference.
Criteria: Participation
Earned: 88x

With so many steps in so little time, you’re taking this competition to a whole new level!
Criteria: 25,000 steps
Earned: 66x

Helping Hero
With more than 60,000 steps so far, you’re stepping up to do some serious good!
Criteria: 60,000 steps
Earned: 51x

Charity Champion
Doing good must get you in the movin’ mood, because you have been a stepping machine!
Criteria: 100,000 steps
Earned: 34x

Treasure Hunter
Unbelievable! You searched high and low for Treasures and finished your Adventure with a full collection.
Criteria: All Treasures Collected
Earned: 88x by 36 users

Goal Day 2017
A once in a lifetime moment deserves a once in a lifetime badge. Good work, goal getter!
Criteria: Challenge
Earned: 77x

Happy Hill
You're taking yourself to new heights and taking home the first badge!
Criteria: 10 floors in a day
Earned: 115,004x by 382 users

Redwood Forest
The tallest trees on Earth can't top the heights you've been conquering.
Criteria: 25 floors in a day
Earned: 43,218x by 371 users

With a floor count this high, you're a beacon of inspiration to us all!
Criteria: 50 floors in a day
Earned: 14,780x by 320 users

Ferris Wheel
Put your hands up, celebrate, and enjoy the ride!
Criteria: 75 floors in a day
Earned: 6,825x by 272 users

You've used some pretty slick stair-climbing to take yourself to new heights!
Criteria: 100 floors in a day
Earned: 3,899x by 228 users

That's hair-raising, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing floor count!
Criteria: 125 floors in a day
Earned: 2,541x by 175 users

We need some peanuts and cracker jacks, because you're on a winning streak and the crowd is going wild!
Criteria: 150 floors in a day
Earned: 1,773x by 148 users

A number this tremendous means no obstacle could get in the way of your floor count!
Criteria: 175 floors in a day
Earned: 1,348x by 128 users

With this kind of stronghold on the stairs, we proclaim you to be a knight in shining steppage!
Criteria: 200 floors in a day
Earned: 1,058x by 104 users

Looks like you've gone overboard in the most awesome way!
Criteria: 300 floors in a day
Earned: 375x by 61 users

By climbing this much with no sign of stopping, you're exceeding our highest expectations!
Criteria: 400 floors in a day
Earned: 175x by 40 users

Whoa, hotstuff! You've erupted into a full-blown floor-climbing fanatic!
Criteria: 500 floors in a day
Earned: 82x by 27 users

Ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low, ain't no river wide enough to keep you from climbing more floors!
Criteria: 600 floors in a day
Earned: 52x by 20 users

With a spectacular stepping triumph like this, your fitness future is looking bright!
Criteria: 700 floors in a day
Earned: 37x by 16 users

Boat Shoe
Congratulations on cruising your way to the first Fitbit daily step badge.
Criteria: 5,000 steps in a day
Earned: 221,189x by 422 users

You stepped up your game and just reached the recommended number of steps per day.
Criteria: 10,000 steps in a day
Earned: 132,626x by 418 users

Urban Boot
With a number that's almost three times more than the national average, your step count is really heating up.
Criteria: 15,000 steps in a day
Earned: 54,373x by 402 users

High Tops
When it comes to steps, it looks like you're not playing around. This achievement was a slam dunk.
Criteria: 20,000 steps in a day
Earned: 22,192x by 360 users

With this impressive fitness feat, you've added a badge to your growing collection. Nice job, you stepping all-star!
Criteria: 25,000 steps in a day
Earned: 9,492x by 283 users

Trail Shoe
On the path to fitness, you're gaining some serious ground!
Criteria: 30,000 steps in a day
Earned: 5,425x by 216 users

Hiking Boot
Woot, woot! There's no mountain you can't climb and no goal you can't get.
Criteria: 35,000 steps in a day
Earned: 2,595x by 141 users

Not only did you earn another badge, you gained a serious amount of traction on the leaderboard.
Criteria: 40,000 steps in a day
Earned: 1,764x by 100 users

Snow Boot
You're really taking these badges by storm!
Criteria: 45,000 steps in a day
Earned: 1,244x by 73 users

Cowboy Boot
Yee-haw! Kick your heels up, partner, because you just lasso'd another step badge.
Criteria: 50,000 steps in a day
Earned: 1,021x by 52 users

Platform Shoe
It's clear your determination to get more active isn't just a fad.
Criteria: 55,000 steps in a day
Earned: 798x by 38 users

Blue Suede Shoes
Looks like someone is doing the hustle! The bass may be dropping, but your step count is dancing off the charts.
Criteria: 60,000 steps in a day
Earned: 672x by 27 users

Ruby Slippers
There's no place like home and there's no stepper like you. Oz-Some job!
Criteria: 65,000 steps in a day
Earned: 551x by 22 users

Spring Loaders
Unbelievable! You've propelled yourself to a whole new level of stepping.
Criteria: 70,000 steps in a day
Earned: 454x by 18 users

Genie Shoe
With supernatural steppage like that, you can skip the magic carpet!
Criteria: 75,000 steps in a day
Earned: 358x by 16 users

Futuristic Kicks
Great Scott! If our calculations are correct, you've taken so many steps, you're practically Mcflyin.
Criteria: 80,000 steps in a day
Earned: 276x by 12 users

Rocket Boot
Out of this world! You just launched yourself into a very elite group of steppers.
Criteria: 90,000 steps in a day
Earned: 172x by 12 users

Olympian Sandal
By ruling the Fitbit step world, you've earned our love, admiration, and the ulitmate daily badge.
Criteria: 100,000 steps in a day
Earned: 98x by 9 users

Weight Goal Met
You set. You started. You conquered.
Criteria: Weight Goal
Earned: 1,189x by 112 users

Goal Day 2016
A once in a lifetime moment deserves a once in a lifetime badge. Good work, goal getter!
Criteria: Challenge
Earned: 103x

You've walked your way to your first lifetime miles badge. If this is just the starting line, we can't wait to see where you finish!
Criteria: 26 lifetime miles
Earned: 297x

Penguin March
You matched the distance of the March of the Penguins—the annual trip emperor penguins make to their breeding grounds.
Criteria: 70 lifetime miles
Earned: 295x

London Underground
You've walked the length of the world's first underground railway and are laying the tracks for some big things in the future.
Criteria: 250 lifetime miles
Earned: 289x

Impressive! You've walked distance of the Serengeti—one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.
Criteria: 500 lifetime miles
Earned: 274x

By walking the entire length of Italy, you've stepped your way to another colossal achievement!
Criteria: 736 lifetime miles
Earned: 263x

New Zealand
You've walked the entire length of New Zealand.
Criteria: 990 lifetime miles
Earned: 242x

Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef system—and you just walked that! Take a minute to swim in your success.
Criteria: 1,600 lifetime miles
Earned: 200x

You've walked the full length of Japan! It may not put a stamp in the passport, but your travels earned you another badge.
Criteria: 1,869 lifetime miles
Earned: 187x

Exceptional! You walked the same distance as the length of India—a universally admired achievement.
Criteria: 1,997 lifetime miles
Earned: 182x

Monarch Migration
Every year the monarch butterfly migrates that same number of miles to warmer climates.
Criteria: 2,500 lifetime miles
Earned: 154x

Whoa! You've walked the length of the Sahara Desert, which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea.
Criteria: 2,983 lifetime miles
Earned: 130x

You've walked the length of longest river in the world! There's no deNILEing how impressive that is.
Criteria: 4,132 lifetime miles
Earned: 86x

It's a jungle out there, but that's not stopping you—because apparently you went bananas and walked the length of Africa!
Criteria: 5,000 lifetime miles
Earned: 68x

Great Wall
You've officially walked the same distance as the Great Wall of China. A triumph like this should go down in history!
Criteria: 5,500 lifetime miles
Earned: 54x

Russian Railway
You're en route to destination fitness! You've walked the length of the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia!
Criteria: 5,772 lifetime miles
Earned: 48x

By walking a distance that's akin to taking a journey through the center of the earth, you proved you've got commitment to the core.
Criteria: 7,900 lifetime miles
Earned: 23x

Pole to Pole
Jingle all the Whoa! That's like dashing through the snow from the North Pole to the South Pole. Ho-ho-holy, we're impressed.
Criteria: 12,430 lifetime miles
Earned: 3x

That's the altitude of a helicopter. Heli-yes, you totally just did that!
Criteria: 500 lifetime floors
Earned: 366x

That's as high as you'd go to skydive! Cross another one off the ol' fitness bucket list.
Criteria: 1,000 lifetime floors
Earned: 342x

Hot Air Balloon
That's as high as a hot air balloon! You are really blowing up the lifetime badges list.
Criteria: 2,000 lifetime floors
Earned: 314x

Your lifetime badges are really taking flight, because you just jetsetted your way to another badge!
Criteria: 4,000 lifetime floors
Earned: 255x

We're on cloud nine thinking about this awesome achievement!
Criteria: 8,000 lifetime floors
Earned: 150x

U.F.OOOH! With that many floors, it's clear you're no alien to fitness. You little climbing phenomenon, you.
Criteria: 14,000 lifetime floors
Earned: 79x

Shooting Star
You just climbed as high as a shooting star. So make a big wish and set a new goal.
Criteria: 20,000 lifetime floors
Earned: 52x

That's as high as an astronaut goes. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see you're crushing it!
Criteria: 28,000 lifetime floors
Earned: 27x

We've seen some exceptional exercise efforts, but few have climbed this high! You've sent us into orbit with this achievement.
Criteria: 35,000 lifetime floors
Earned: 19x

Weight Goal Set
You set a new goal and we're going to be here every step of the way. You can do it!
Criteria: Weight Goal
Earned: 199x

Note: Lifetime weightloss badges and Weightloss goal badges are not displayed due to the similarity of them all.

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