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There are dozens of Fitbit badges to unlock. Infact, 137 to be precise. Here they all are.

Goal Day 2016
A once in a lifetime moment deserves a once in a lifetime badge. Good work, goal getter!
Criteria: Challenge
Earned: 18x

Vernal Falls
You made it through the mist, over bridges and beyond the hillside to complete this tough trek.
Criteria: Adventure
Earned: 71x by 47 users

NYC 3.1 Miles
You are one urban athlete! You just stepped your way through the Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K in NYC!
Criteria: Adventure
Earned: 49x by 36 users

NYC 10 Miles
You took a bite out of the Big Apple and stepped through the last 10 miles of the TCS New York City Marathon!
Criteria: Adventure
Earned: 25x by 21 users

Valley Loop
You showed some serious motivation by navigating your way between Yosemite’s great mountains.
Criteria: Adventure
Earned: 34x by 29 users

Pohono Trail
You proved yourself to be an unstoppable adventurer by passing through this one-of-a-kind path.
Criteria: Adventure
Earned: 45x by 24 users

NYC 26.2 Miles
From start to finish of the TCS New York City Marathon — you just put your steps to the test on one of the world’s premier race courses!
Criteria: Adventure
Earned: 35x by 22 users

You’re getting FitForGood and using your steps to make a difference.
Criteria: Participation
Earned: 7x

Happy Hill
You're taking yourself to new heights and taking home the first badge!
Criteria: 10 floors in a day
Earned: 45,758x by 104 users

Redwood Forest
The tallest trees on Earth can't top the heights you've been conquering.
Criteria: 25 floors in a day
Earned: 17,060x by 103 users

With a floor count this high, you're a beacon of inspiration to us all!
Criteria: 50 floors in a day
Earned: 6,092x by 92 users

Ferris Wheel
Put your hands up, celebrate, and enjoy the ride!
Criteria: 75 floors in a day
Earned: 3,528x by 80 users

You've used some pretty slick stair-climbing to take yourself to new heights!
Criteria: 100 floors in a day
Earned: 2,402x by 64 users

That's hair-raising, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing floor count!
Criteria: 125 floors in a day
Earned: 1,687x by 54 users

We need some peanuts and cracker jacks, because you're on a winning streak and the crowd is going wild!
Criteria: 150 floors in a day
Earned: 1,244x by 49 users

A number this tremendous means no obstacle could get in the way of your floor count!
Criteria: 175 floors in a day
Earned: 940x by 38 users

With this kind of stronghold on the stairs, we proclaim you to be a knight in shining steppage!
Criteria: 200 floors in a day
Earned: 785x by 35 users

Looks like you've gone overboard in the most awesome way!
Criteria: 300 floors in a day
Earned: 494x by 21 users

By climbing this much with no sign of stopping, you're exceeding our highest expectations!
Criteria: 400 floors in a day
Earned: 379x by 15 users

Whoa, hotstuff! You've erupted into a full-blown floor-climbing fanatic!
Criteria: 500 floors in a day
Earned: 296x by 12 users

Ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low, ain't no river wide enough to keep you from climbing more floors!
Criteria: 600 floors in a day
Earned: 258x by 9 users

With a spectacular stepping triumph like this, your fitness future is looking bright!
Criteria: 700 floors in a day
Earned: 226x by 7 users

Boat Shoe
Congratulations on cruising your way to the first Fitbit daily step badge.
Criteria: 5,000 steps in a day
Earned: 74,353x by 110 users

You stepped up your game and just reached the recommended number of steps per day.
Criteria: 10,000 steps in a day
Earned: 43,796x by 109 users

Urban Boot
With a number that's almost three times more than the national average, your step count is really heating up.
Criteria: 15,000 steps in a day
Earned: 18,599x by 102 users

High Tops
When it comes to steps, it looks like you're not playing around. This achievement was a slam dunk.
Criteria: 20,000 steps in a day
Earned: 9,486x by 94 users

With this impressive fitness feat, you've added a badge to your growing collection. Nice job, you stepping all-star!
Criteria: 25,000 steps in a day
Earned: 5,712x by 77 users

Trail Shoe
On the path to fitness, you're gaining some serious ground!
Criteria: 30,000 steps in a day
Earned: 4,110x by 57 users

Hiking Boot
Woot, woot! There's no mountain you can't climb and no goal you can't get.
Criteria: 35,000 steps in a day
Earned: 2,468x by 36 users

Not only did you earn another badge, you gained a serious amount of traction on the leaderboard.
Criteria: 40,000 steps in a day
Earned: 2,036x by 29 users

Snow Boot
You're really taking these badges by storm!
Criteria: 45,000 steps in a day
Earned: 1,733x by 25 users

Cowboy Boot
Yee-haw! Kick your heels up, partner, because you just lasso'd another step badge.
Criteria: 50,000 steps in a day
Earned: 1,486x by 21 users

Platform Shoe
It's clear your determination to get more active isn't just a fad.
Criteria: 55,000 steps in a day
Earned: 1,255x by 17 users

Blue Suede Shoes
Looks like someone is doing the hustle! The bass may be dropping, but your step count is dancing off the charts.
Criteria: 60,000 steps in a day
Earned: 1,058x by 14 users

Ruby Slippers
There's no place like home and there's no stepper like you. Oz-Some job!
Criteria: 65,000 steps in a day
Earned: 884x by 8 users

Spring Loaders
Unbelievable! You've propelled yourself to a whole new level of stepping.
Criteria: 70,000 steps in a day
Earned: 753x by 6 users

Genie Shoe
With supernatural steppage like that, you can skip the magic carpet!
Criteria: 75,000 steps in a day
Earned: 636x by 4 users

Futuristic Kicks
Great Scott! If our calculations are correct, you've taken so many steps, you're practically Mcflyin.
Criteria: 80,000 steps in a day
Earned: 523x by 3 users

Rocket Boot
Out of this world! You just launched yourself into a very elite group of steppers.
Criteria: 90,000 steps in a day
Earned: 324x by 2 users

Olympian Sandal
By ruling the Fitbit step world, you've earned our love, admiration, and the ulitmate daily badge.
Criteria: 100,000 steps in a day
Earned: 203x by 2 users

You've walked your way to your first lifetime miles badge. If this is just the starting line, we can't wait to see where you finish!
Criteria: 26 lifetime miles
Earned: 56x

Penguin March
You matched the distance of the March of the Penguins—the annual trip emperor penguins make to their breeding grounds.
Criteria: 70 lifetime miles
Earned: 55x

London Underground
You've walked the length of the world's first underground railway and are laying the tracks for some big things in the future.
Criteria: 250 lifetime miles
Earned: 51x

Impressive! You've walked distance of the Serengeti—one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.
Criteria: 500 lifetime miles
Earned: 46x

By walking the entire length of Italy, you've stepped your way to another colossal achievement!
Criteria: 736 lifetime miles
Earned: 46x

New Zealand
You've walked the entire length of New Zealand.
Criteria: 990 lifetime miles
Earned: 45x

Great Barrier Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef system—and you just walked that! Take a minute to swim in your success.
Criteria: 1,600 lifetime miles
Earned: 44x

You've walked the full length of Japan! It may not put a stamp in the passport, but your travels earned you another badge.
Criteria: 1,869 lifetime miles
Earned: 43x

Exceptional! You walked the same distance as the length of India—a universally admired achievement.
Criteria: 1,997 lifetime miles
Earned: 42x

Monarch Migration
Every year the monarch butterfly migrates that same number of miles to warmer climates.
Criteria: 2,500 lifetime miles
Earned: 36x

Whoa! You've walked the length of the Sahara Desert, which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea.
Criteria: 2,983 lifetime miles
Earned: 33x

You've walked the length of longest river in the world! There's no deNILEing how impressive that is.
Criteria: 4,132 lifetime miles
Earned: 28x

It's a jungle out there, but that's not stopping you—because apparently you went bananas and walked the length of Africa!
Criteria: 5,000 lifetime miles
Earned: 21x

Great Wall
You've officially walked the same distance as the Great Wall of China. A triumph like this should go down in history!
Criteria: 5,500 lifetime miles
Earned: 17x

Russian Railway
You're en route to destination fitness! You've walked the length of the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia!
Criteria: 5,772 lifetime miles
Earned: 14x

By walking a distance that's akin to taking a journey through the center of the earth, you proved you've got commitment to the core.
Criteria: 7,900 lifetime miles
Earned: 10x

Pole to Pole
Jingle all the Whoa! That's like dashing through the snow from the North Pole to the South Pole. Ho-ho-holy, we're impressed.
Criteria: 12,430 lifetime miles
Earned: 4x

That's the altitude of a helicopter. Heli-yes, you totally just did that!
Criteria: 500 lifetime floors
Earned: 98x

That's as high as you'd go to skydive! Cross another one off the ol' fitness bucket list.
Criteria: 1,000 lifetime floors
Earned: 95x

Hot Air Balloon
That's as high as a hot air balloon! You are really blowing up the lifetime badges list.
Criteria: 2,000 lifetime floors
Earned: 90x

Your lifetime badges are really taking flight, because you just jetsetted your way to another badge!
Criteria: 4,000 lifetime floors
Earned: 72x

Shooting Star
You just climbed as high as a shooting star. So make a big wish and set a new goal.
Criteria: 20,000 lifetime floors
Earned: 27x

That's as high as an astronaut goes. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see you're crushing it!
Criteria: 28,000 lifetime floors
Earned: 16x

We've seen some exceptional exercise efforts, but few have climbed this high! You've sent us into orbit with this achievement.
Criteria: 35,000 lifetime floors
Earned: 9x

Weight Goal Set
You set a new goal and we're going to be here every step of the way. You can do it!
Criteria: Weight Goal
Earned: 67x

Note: Lifetime weightloss badges and Weightloss goal badges are not displayed due to the similarity of them all.

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