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Welcome to BitStats.

What started out as an idea is now a reality. Wanting to show more statistics from your Fitbit data was our main goal.

Fitbit.ly was where we started. With a simple leaderboard and a small user base.

When the user base started to expand so did we. Multiple leaderboards with many different filters and more advanced Fitbit analytics and this is where we are today.

As always, our goal was always to keep it simple! A one click login system. A few simple settings to show what you want to show and thats it. No passwords or annoying validations as Fitbit has done all that for us.

We welcome anyone and everyone to come and sign up and see what all the fuss is about. Just login here.

Contact Us

You can contact us by email - hello [at] bitstats [dot] net - or by tweeting us @FitbitStats.

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